Courses Introduction

The Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC) conducts unified teaching, regulates and makes up for the blind spots in community swimming teaching, and fully combines the excellent teaching methods of China and the West to create a higher level platform for students to not only improve their swimming skills and swimming level, but also improve their comprehensive ability.

FFSC programs are ran in two seasons throughout the year, the School Season (September to June of the following year) and the Summer (July and August).

Students register for the programs.

FFSC accepts the student members who aged between 5 years old to 18 years old.

The courses we offer: Beginners (L1-6), Progressives (L7-12), Improves (all four strokes and skills), Club Training and Competitive.

The courses of beginning, progressive and improve are running in term. Circular going throughout the year.

Club training and competitive is taking place school year only.

Who’s it for?

Beginner Course

Learn to swim Freestyle and backstroke, or breaststroke.

Progressive course

Have a certain swimming foundation, can swim back and forth in the training pool in freestyle and backstroke. In this course, you will correct and standardize the strokes you have mastered, while learning breaststroke and butterfly to prepare for improvement.

Improve Course

Master at least three swimming styles, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke; have good physical fitness, and have a positive learning spirit; through the course, improve the four swimming styles, learn basic knowledge and skills related to competition, exercise competition awareness.

Club Training and Competition Course

Master the four swimming styles, have a sense of competition, have the ability and desire to complete the coach's training plan; complete advanced swimming skills, participate in competitions, have good student-athlete will quality, comply with the Code of Athletes, and complete the competition plan.

Summer Camp

Its characteristics, integrating swimming, mathematics and entertainment. Provide children with specialized swimming instruction, specialized school-based curriculum learning, specialized recreational programs. Throughout the summer, education and entertainment are integrated, and summer camp life is full of benefits for students.

International Exchange

Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC) has always communicated with partners in China and the United States, and has advantageous resources, which fully reflects the brand value and social influence of Flying Fish Swim Club Canada. It is our aim to carry out international learning exchanges, increase knowledge and broaden horizons; through exchange and learning, it is our goal to cultivate students' independent personality, experience multiculturalism, and exercise comprehensive quality and ability.

Swimming Programs

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