Program For Improvers and Clubs

Sep 14, 2022 - Jun 18, 2023
School Year Swimming

Improvers and Clubs update on Mar 20,2023-1


Additional information:

  1. Improve program requires participants who have to be able to swim FR, BK and BR at least.
    Swimmers who can swim all four strokes with performance swimming ability, join into Club program.
  2. All first time registration is $25
  3. For Improve program, there’re two make ups per period, please email 24hs in advance for missing lessons, otherwise the fee will be charged as normal.
    No make-up lessons for more than two absence, and the normal fee will be charged.
  4. For Club training group:
    - There’s no make ups for missing lessons.
    - Participants have to guarantee attendance rate, no special circumstances, and no absence from work.
  5. Gears requirement:

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