Kun Zhao

Founder & Head Coach

Kun Zhao, former member of the Chinese national swimming team, won the silver medal in swimming at the 25th Olympic Games in 1992 and was also the world champion, the national champion, and the torchbearer of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Kun Zhao has been engaging in professional swimming training, teaching and sports management for nearly 40 years. She graduated from Beijing Sports University with a major in sports training, Beijing Sports University coach training class, and obtained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Major physical Education. She has won several national sports gold medals and silver medals, and has professional and rich swimming teaching experience.

In 2012, Kun Zhao founded the Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC) in Toronto, Canada. Over the years, Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC) has accumulated an excellent reputation and won the strong support and trust of parents and students. The students of the coaches won the provincial championship, runner-up and third place, gaining achievements, health and confidence! Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC) is very happy to share the best experience with our students to help them learn, improve and progress!

Tim Yao

V.P. & Head Coach

Tim Yao, coach of Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC), double-excellent talent, excellent in academics and excellent in swimming. Tim has rich teaching experience. He teaches professional and standardized swimming styles to beginners, advanced and high-level trainers, and lays a solid foundation for improving swimming training. His students are winners, runners-up and third place in the various individual events across the city and provinces.

The coaches of the Flying Fish Swim Club are all responsible, patient, strict with the students, and use effective methods to improve the students' learning efficiency.

Since the establishment of Flying Fish Swim Club (FFSC), there has been a strong learning atmosphere, good students have emerged one after another, and the children have achieved great achievements. The club is happy and proud of all students.

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